Point of Sale Systems for Retail

Our point of sale for Specialty retailers, Retail Management Hero (RMH), is designed to function fast and efficient. Screens can be designed with the most popular menu items, payments, quantity buttons and functions so the user does not waste time flipping through multiple screens to enter an order. RMH POS is the engine that drives your store. From the front counter to the back office, our POS helps you save time and effort running your business. Our fast, efficient, customizable POS lets you process transactions quickly so you can spend more time with your customers. The back office tool bar includes powerful inventory control, extensive reports, CRM and marketing tools, tag printing, pricing and promotion management, and much more.

Liquor POS

Beer, Wine, and Spirits

Find Success with Innovative Software

Quality products and service are just the beginnings in the liquor business. An industry marked by stiff regulations, extensive competition and varying tax laws makes the liquor industry especially challenging. The right point-of-sale system can simplify your daily operation and organize your business.

Retail Management Hero (RMH) helps you keep up with ever-changing challenges and give you an advantage over the competition. Our simple to use interface and powerful back-office features are sure to help your business grow and prosper.


Powerful back office capabilities mean that controlling your inventory is a breeze, especially when it comes to ordering more products and entering new products into your POS system.


RMH Store is built with a simple, clean, and intuitive design that allows for less time training liquor store employees and more time using your solution.


Keep up with all aspects of your liquor store thanks to innovative reporting features that help you stay on top of your business needs.




clothing and jewelry for sale

Clothing and Apparel

Everything your Clothing Store Needs to Succeed and More

The apparel business is demanding. More than just tracking sales by SKU, the apparel business adds size and color to an industry that typically changes every season. Retail Managements Hero’s POS system and back-office technology has the robust tools to be successful in your store.

Each business is unique and RMH is customizable to meet the specific needs of your business. Along with a powerful operating system, a host of integrations is available to maximize your investment.


With a POS built specifically for you and your industry, managing sales in your retail apparel and clothing store has truly never been easier.


Never worry about managing an apparel store chain again. With RMH Store it’s easy and convenient to upgrade to RMH Central if you need.


Create powerful, yet flexible loyalty programs for your customers right from your POS system that keeps them coming back time and time again.



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