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Hospitality is all about your customers. We help you serve them better by serving you the best we can.

FocusPOS is the culmination of over thirty combined years of vast experience in the restaurant environment, providing exceptional software to compliment any hospitality business model. Coupling technology with restaurateurs’ long term business goals, Focus adds value to every aspect of managing a restaurant, through the productivity and operational efficiencies achieved by reducing mean time to deployment, reducing resource investments and reducing operating costs. Taking every detail of the hospitality industry into consideration, Focus is designed to make our customers’ lives more efficient. Focus has everything you need to be more competitive, increase profits, and enhance your customer service.

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CTSG, LLC presents the modern solution for businesses seeking efficient and reliable point-of-sale (POS) capabilities, with the advent of mobile devices specifically the Skytab mobile. Our innovative POS solution combines the familiarity and user-friendly features of tablets with the extensive functionality and unmatched trustworthiness expected from an industry leader like Focus POS.

While a mobile device functions as a traditional, fixed POS system, its mobility empowers servers to seamlessly take orders tableside, making it ideal for line-busting and other time-saving options. Our Skytab mobile POS solution revolutionizes the ordering process, enhancing table turnover and customer satisfaction. With all the functionalities of a traditional POS system, our software empowers restaurants to optimize efficiency and boost profits through improved customer interactions. Furthermore, our POS software effortlessly integrates with Skytab mobile and seamlessly connects to compatible hardware and peripherals, including receipt printers.

taking tables order using tablet