myFocus Loyalty

Give Your Restaurant the Competitive Advantage of a Comprehensive Cloud-Based Customer Loyalty Program

The myFocus customer loyalty program is more than just a rewards card. myFocus Loyalty, part of the myFocus Cloud Solutions, is a comprehensive solution that features cloud storage, multistore processing, card or cardless accounts, promotional coupons, surveys, marketing lists, email blasts and text-based marketing. A Facebook plugin allows customers to register their cards and check balances directly from your Facebook page creating more opportunities for you to market your restaurant to your most valued customers.

It also supports a variety of loyalty rewards plans, giving you the flexibility to test different options to see which results in the greatest return for your business. Plans include:

  • Points: Points are assigned to menu items and when customers accumulate enough points, they receive a reward.
  • Sales: Customer earn points for each dollar they spend.
  • “Around the World”: Customers earn points for purchasing a variety of different menu items.
  • Incremental: Customers can attain different levels based on visits or dollar amount.

Custom mobile applications can be designed for any restaurant and can be accessed via mobile devices and smartphones, and my Focus Loyalty can be combined with myFocus gift cards to encourage repeat business.


A Customer Loyalty Program that Supports Ongoing Engagement

Research shows the majority of consumers join and use restaurant customer loyalty programs to earn rewards, but it may be one of many loyalty programs they participate in. Keep your loyalty program offers—and your brand—in front of customers with ongoing customer engagement activities. myFocus Loyalty empowers you to use your customer loyalty program to generate powerful marketing lists. Use these lists to engage customers on an ongoing basis with emails that include coupons, new of upcoming events, and other marketing promotions.