4 Benefits of Mobile POS for Restaurants

Do you have limited space – or is your restaurant often crowded? Do you need mobility? Do you value new technology? If so, a mobile point-of-sale solution should be a consideration for your restaurant. Mobile POS devices can be connected wirelessly to your existing hardware and integrated with your existing software to revitalize your business.

Your restaurant can empower its employees to take a more active role in transactions. Instead of traveling back and forth to a central database to retrieve and input information, they can have all of the necessary resources right at their fingertips.

Research shows that customers want to see new technology incorporated into their restaurant experiences. They use smartphones and tablets in their everyday lives, so there’s no reason why restaurants shouldn’t provide the same innovation and convenience.

Today’s top restaurants are using mobile POS along with their stationary POS system to streamline service and maximize opportunities. Both technologies are highly beneficial, and together, they become even more powerful. Keep reading to find out how you can expand your business, increase your return on investment, and improve customer service in your restaurant.

1. More capabilities, but fewer upfront costs

Those concerned with costs are not to worry. Mobile devices are typically less expensive than traditional POS systems. For example, a smartphone or tablet is only a few hundred dollars, whereas a POS system can cost thousands. The devices could be an easy addition to your existing system. Not to mention, the low upfront cost of mobile POS comes with increased capabilities – so you’re getting more bang for your buck.

2. Quicker transactions

Rather than waiting in long lines or crowds, customers can complete transactions anywhere in the restaurant or store. This can eliminate problems such as:

  • Customer complaints due to long wait times
  • Confusion at the check-out leads to costly errors
  • Crowding during peak times

Not to mention, being able to check out multiple customers at once can increase customer turnover.

3. Better customer service

With customer service, the key is timing and accuracy: making sure the customer doesn’t have to wait or wonder. Mobile POS works wonders for customer service in that it can be used as a portable tool to share restaurant information in real-time and make the ordering process quicker and easier. It can help in the following ways:

  • Improve order accuracy by entering items into the system as they are ordered
  • Focus more on the customer, rather than the transaction
  • Speed up food preparation times by printing order tickets to the kitchen
  • Save valuable time traveling back and forth

Imagine the customer service your staff could provide if they had all of the resources and features of a POS system right at their fingertips while helping guests.

4. More sales opportunities

The ability to travel to different areas of the restaurant – rather than being constrained to the front counter – translates to more customers served and more money made. Mobile POS allows restaurants to take advantage of upselling and cross-selling opportunities that can help move expensive inventory items, increase turnover, and ultimately boost revenue.

Restaurants could also start to think outside the box. They could use mobile POS devices to spread their brand and make sales on outdoor patios, tent sales, catered events, etc. Restaurant managers can even use POS software reporting features to determine their busiest times and most popular items.

Your customers will be more satisfied with their service when their meals arrive quickly and accurately. Mobile POS can improve the overall experience that your restaurant will be able to provide its customers.

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